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Vegan Bacon from Naked without the Oink

Welcome to Half a Vegan

Half a vegan is a place for ideas on going vegan and sharing vegan goodness. 

I've been keeping notes on vegan food and recipes for a while now and the ideas that work go on the fridge (next to the recylcling bin collection dates and paintings from my grandkids). With time and practice the I've had enough ideas work out and the fridge is running out of space, so I'm sharing them with the world. 

You can find out why I'm half a vegan and you can get in touch if you would like to say 'Hi'

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The Vegan BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Read More
The Vegan BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger

Starting out on a vegan journey it’s good to know that quick and simple comfort food is still available. And what can be better than a BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger? The question is, can it still be good if ...

What makes a great (vegan) burger? Read More
What makes a great (vegan) burger?
Although there are lots of new vegan options, the rules for making the humble burger remain the same for me. Good quality ingredients, the right bun and you have to be able to get it in your mouth and...
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My Take on Vegan Food
It might be simple to be a vegan, but it certainly isn't easy, especially if you're eating no meat and three veg with a thin vegan gravy. You've tried to liven up a few meals with Worcestershire sauce...